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The Creation of Your Dress: Dress-making Step by Step

Whether it's standard size or custom size, each piece of clothes you ordered at www.mfrannie.com is personally tailored for you from scratch. We treat each dress with care and dedication, and the process time required to make each type of dress differs. Below you can see each carefully taken step in the creation of your dress.

1. Cutting & Tailoring
After confirming your order, our dress makers will begin tailoring your dress according to the specifications in your order.

2. Sewing
Your dress is sewn by our professional tailors.

3. Embroidering & Embellishing
Each type of dress has different embellishment or embroidery decoration; so the time to finish varies as well. Our dresses including the Embroidering and Embellishing are elaborately and exquisitely hand-made.

4. Finishing touches
Finally, our dress-makers add the finishing touches to dress.

5. Complete
The completed dress is then wrapped up and sent via express shipping. The dress will arrived within an average of 3-8 days.