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The Creation of Your Dress: Dress-making Step by Step

Whether it's standard size or custom size, each piece of clothes you ordered at www.mfrannie.com is personally tailored for you from scratch. We treat each dress with care and dedication, and the process time required to make each type of dress differs. Below you can see each carefully taken step in the creation of your dress.

1. A-Line
Universally flattering, the A-line silhouette really is a girl's best friend. By gently flaring from the shoulders down, it skims curves rather than clinging to them, to create an elegant silhouette.

Is This Style for You? If you're petite A-Line adds the illusion of length; if you're tall it can add fullness, and if you've got curves you'd rather cover, the A-line does that too.

2. Ball Gown or “Pick Up”
The most traditional of all dress silhouettes, the ball gown adds curves by accentuating the waist and flowing gracefully into a full skirt. The skirt is great at hiding full hips and creating a gorgeous hourglass figure.

Is This Style for You? A perfect choice for formal or “fairy-tale” inspired events, the ball gown style makes a wonderfully classic wedding dress. Looks great on most body types.

3. Column or Sheath
Figure-hugging column dresses come in a variety of strapless and backless styles. This modern style has become popular among brides who want a chic or beach wedding.

Is This Style for You? An elegant choice for anyone with broad shoulders or slender, athletic builds, it can also elongate a petite figure. However, if there are certain areas you'd rather not accentuate, its clingy design might not be the style for you.

4. Mermaid
Also known as the trumpet or “fit and flare”, mermaid dresses are fitted at the top and flair dramatically around the knee.

Is This Style for You? Mermaid silhouettes accentuate the bust, waist and hips giving an hourglass figure, so it is perfect for showing off your curves. A perfect choice for a glamorous celebrity-inspired wedding.

5. Empire
This empire silhouette features a bodice with a high waistline directly below the bust. The look can be either soft or flowing or more structured and classic, depending on the fabric and cut used.

Is This Style for You? The empire silhouette draws attention up, enhancing the waist while softening the hips, making it a great look for most body types.

6. Princess
Created with a series of vertical panels of fabric, and no obvious waist, a princess silhouette is more dramatic in appearance than the A-line, but similarly flattering.

Is This Style For You? The seams on a dress with a princess silhouette follow the contours of the body to create shape while elongating the torso. An ideal choice for anyone with a petite figure and small-waist.

7. Mini
For the super sassy bride, the increasingly popular bridal mini ends well above the knees and is perfect for showing off a pair of sexy pins.

Is This Style For You? It is best suited for informal or outdoor weddings and is especially appropriate for summer beach weddings. Equally flattering for taller brides with long legs or shorter brides who want to appear taller on their special day.

8. Knee-length
Another great look for a casual bride, this gown’s hem ends just below the knee.

Is This Style For You? Many petite or curvy brides choose this style for both elegance and comfort. Best for cocktail wedding receptions or weddings during warmer months.

9. Tea-length
Tea-length dresses feature a hem that falls anywhere between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf, creating an elegant yet casual style. Popular in the 1950s, this style is a good choice for those who want to add a vintage touch to their wedding ensemble.

Is This Style For You? Tea-length dresses are ideal for showing off your legs and drawing attention to a beautiful pair of shoes! A popular choice as a “second” dress to change into for your reception.

10. Ankle-length
The ankle-length gown is hemmed right at the ankles, thereby showing off your feet and shoes. The skirt can be either full or fitting.

Is This Style For You? Great for brides who want to present themselves as smart, stylish and modern. Because this skirt’s hem does not touch the ground, it is also highly sought after for outdoor weddings or for the bride who just doesn’t want guests stepping on her dress!

11. Floor-length
Just slightly longer than the ankle-length wedding dress, this style’s skirt is not meant to drag on the floor but rather float just inches above it. Some floor-length dresses come with detailing along the hem to accentuate the style.

Is This Style For You? Rather than having your shoes and feet covered by your gown, having them visible can often ‘balance out’ your wedding ensemble. Why not add another color to your wedding ensemble, for example red, and wear a pair of shoes in that color? Guests will be pleasantly surprised when they see a striking pair of shoes peeping out as you walk down the aisle!

12. Sweep Train
Sweep Train gowns are for brides who wish to incorporate the traditional train feature but do not want to be troubled by a long train. Trains on Sweep Train gowns barely touch the floor.

Is This Style For You? For brides who want a beautiful and elegant gown with a nod to tradition.

13. Court Train
Extending about 3 feet from the ankles, the Court Train is longer than the Sweep Train and can be worn at most ceremonies – formal, semi-formal or casual.

Is This Style For You? Extremely elegant, the Court Train style is appropriate for those who plan to have only one train carrier or a train light enough for their flower girl to hold.

14. Chapel Train
The Chapel Train is the most popular of all train lengths. It flows approximately three to five feet behind the gown. A bride wearing the Chapel Train style makes a bold statement saying “I feel beautiful and special! This is MY day!”

Is This Style For You? A stunning choice for all figure types, the Chapel Train sets the brides as the centerpiece of a formal wedding.

15. Cathedral Train
Cathedral Train dresses features a cascading train for formal weddings. It extends from six to eight feet behind the gown. Also known as a Monarch Train.”

Is This Style For You? This style is the perfect formal wedding gown and will surely attract the attention of guests at church or your reception.

16. Royal Train
As the name suggests, this style was traditionally reserved for royalty. The train on this style is the longest and most formal of all styles with a train. The grand gown Princess Diana wore at her wedding to Prince Charles was of this style.

Is This Style For You? If you truly want to feel special and like a real-life princess, this could be your ideal choice. Be sure to assign a few designated train carriers on your special day!

17. Watteau Train
A single panel of fabric attached to the top of your dress at the shoulders or upper back and flowing down to the floor is the defining characteristic of a Watteau Train gown. Veils can vary in length.

Is This Style For You? As the train begins at the bride’s upper back, this style allows the bride to look elegant from behind. Also appropriate for ladies who would like to hold their own trains.

18. Asymmetrical
Asymmetrical gowns have different tailoring features on one side of the gown compared to the other. A popular asymmetrical design is to have a gown’s hem shorter at the front than the back. This style allows the bride to look different from various angles.

Is This Style For You? Suitable for brides who want to combine the casual look of a shorter dress combined with the elegance of a longer hem at the back.