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MFrannie is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2014, MFrannie has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices through www.MFrannie.com, which are available in multiple major languages.

MFrannie offers products in the two core categories of apparel, women's shoes .With an aim to "Dress For Lifeļ¼ŒJust You Like", MFrannie is an online B2C clothing shopping mall that offers unique, custom-made and vertical products and services with distinctive style features and compatibility to consumers from all over the world.

"Dress For Life,Just You Like " is the service tenet of MFrannie.

Focusing on clothing,MFrannie is not just a website with clear category of its products aiming to create a memorable customer experience and provide excellent service. It is also a cultural website that is contributed to creating various themes:wedding dresses and beach dresses sexy lingerie, fashionable clothes and slim-themed clothes.

MFrannie.com is a website that offers customized clothing that helps to show your personal understanding of style, cut and elegance. The products and services are oriented towards "Dress For Life ,Just You Like" .

MFrannie is not just an expert adviser on fashion and style; it is also your friend that can provide you with the sweetest and most timely service imaginable. It is the vocation of MFrannie to dress you pleasantly; thus, in turn, it will become your top fashion choice.

Our Story

Mike is a designer and Frannie is his girlfriend. They majored in fashion designing in the same college. They were deeply in love with each other. Having graduated from the college, they went public with romance. However, Frannie's parents disliked Mike and even stopped Frannie from meeting with Mike because he did not have a single penny in his pocket. Although Mike was disappointed and heart-broken, he still firmly vowed:"My true bride will be nobody but Frannie. I want Frannie and I will accept no substitute when I succeed."

That night he left the city which was full of memories with his dear Frannie, without saying goodbye to her. Mike was always so keen on designing clothes that he decided to be an apprentice in a company in order to stand out in his field. Though tough the job was when he was new to the corporation, difficulties and setbacks didn't kill him but kept his spirits up and made him stronger. Through years' hardship, Mike made his way to be a famous designer eventually. On that day he held the beautiful and pure wedding dress he had designed to propose marriage to his beloved Frannie. Having witnessed Mike's loyal affection for Frannie, the dress, therefore, got a gorgeous name -Mfrannie.

Our Brand

Aiming at "Dress For Life ,Just You Like", MFrannie is a perfect combination of creativity and accessibility, derived from an inspirational pure love story . The products celebrate Frannie's American image that is elegant , fashion-forward, simple, intellectual, independent and confident. Advance design, high-quality fabrics, mixed textures, beautiful patterns and unique seasonal trend combined with the characteristics of various styles are the hallmarks of MFrannie's clothing . MFrannie, is worthy of your love.

Company Information

· Email:service@mfrannie.com
· For any questions 24-7. We normally respond to all enquiries within 1 working day

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· Address: 113 Barksdale Professional Center Newark DE 19711

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